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Greenfield Eco calculator for calculating payment for excess waste and prohibited waste

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This calculator is based on an Excel calculator for calculating costs and already  includes the MTS data. If there are any

1. There may be changes in terms between the rules as published in the records and the professional terminology below. In any case of contradiction, the terms appearing in the rules will prevail.

2. The rate obtained from the formula represents the cost rate for pollutant removal per cubic meter of wastewater. To calculate the rate by cubic meter of water, multiply the result of the formula by 0.7. This is due to the determination of the sewage rate, which is based on the water quantities, when the working assumption was that 70% of the consumed water quantities reach the sewers. Therefore, if the water rate is 10 NIS per cubic meter, the sewage rate is 14.29 NIS per cubic meter of water (10/0.7). Since the result of the formula in the rules is the rate for the removal of the pollutant per cubic meter of sewage, to arrive at the rate for billing per cubic meter of water it must be multiplied by 0.7. In any case, the simulator does it automatically.

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