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Your wastewater deserves better treatment

Design, construction and operation of industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Removal and treatment of industrial waste.

To reduce the risk of deviations and downtime as well as to lower operating costs, Greenfield Eco's environmental experts design, build and operate wastewater treatment and purification facilities. In addition, industrial wastewater is diverted.

Our benefits

Our environmental experts will be happy to take responsibility for your industrial wastewater. From planning a facility through construction to partial or full operation.

Commit to reducing operating costs.

In addition, we divert industrial wastewater at low costs.

Low treatment costs

Operation from a control center and a commitment to reducing costs.

Comprehensive solutions

Thinking, planning, setting up and operating in one place.

Removal of industrial wastewater

Less headache and less abnormalities

Focus on the main activity of the plant, we will take care of the wastewater.

Correct and professional treatment

Connection to the Greenfield Echo network. Constant and smart monitoring. Operation by environmental engineers.

Our Services

Our company offers a wide range of water and industrial wastewater treatment services. Starting with designing customized facilities taking into account the plant's needs, the nature of the wastewater, the plant's policy on environmental issues, budget, the regulator's requirement and the plant's expansion plans, through connection to the Greenfield Eco network and remote operation from a national control center to taking full responsibility for all wastewater issues within the plant's boundaries.

The controllers (PLC) of the industrial wastewater treatment facility are connected to the control and control center of Greenfield Eco and remotely operated cameras will be deployed in the facility. During the installation phase the facility will be inspected and analyzed by our environmental experts and a detailed operation and maintenance plan will be produced. From the control and control center operated by environmental experts, we will monitor, see and operate the wastewater treatment facility, record and monitor every event. Once a month, a report summarizing the facility's activity and including the insights of our wastewater experts will be produced.

The result: reducing the risk of shutdowns or fines, optimal operation - lower operating costs, increased productivity and a greener environment.

Establishment of water and industrial wastewater treatment facilities

Characterization, planning and construction using the Turn-key Solution method. Wastewater analysis | Planning the facility establishment | Run activation | maintenance

We can establish the following types of facilities:

Biological installations | Sedimentation facilities | Flooding facilities | Sludge squeezing and drying facilities | Membranous processes | Evaporation facilities

We see this as a joint process during which we understand you and your needs in depth by listening, examining, analyzing and finding the most suitable solution for you.

Greenfield Echo network

National control center for the operation of industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Our environmental experts will operate the wastewater treatment facilities and water treatment facilities and save costs.

Nowadays, as the regulation gets stricter and enforcement is increased, it is important that the facility be professional.

Our team includes

operators | mechanics | Engineers Control center

Beyond the conventional methods, there is the possibility of significantly reducing costs by connecting to the control center of Greenfield Eco.

This is through connecting to the PLC controllers, deploying dedicated cameras, and building a customized operating system. From the control room it is possible to identify any problem or malfunction and provide an immediate response by activating the controllers and the team in the field.


The method makes it possible to avoid anomalies, reduce the use of chemicals and reduces the need for manpower.

Let us take care of your wastewater.

Consulting and accompanying processes

Our experts are at your disposal for advice and support.

The range of topics we will be happy to advise on:
Selection and characterization of facilities Examining price offers Finding solutions to process problems

Removal of sewage and industrial sludge

Removal of a variety of types and concentrations of industrial wastewater and treatment in dedicated facilities.

Wastewater disposal for treatment and landfill

Removal of industrial sludge

What industries is it suitable for?

Pharmaceutical factories

Metal factories

Food factories

Cosmetics factories

paper mills

Chemical industry plants

Depending on the composition of the sewage and sludge, the factory is evacuated.

Greenfield Eco operates a treatment facility that includes pre-treatment, evaporation and extraction.

At the end of the process, the wastewater goes to landfill, burning and composting.

If the concentration of pollutants is too high, the waste water is transported directly for disposal.

More information about our services

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Connecting Dots

Greenfield Eco network

A national network for monitoring and operating industrial wastewater treatment and purification facilities.

The network allows factories of any size to benefit from the service of a professional control center specializing in the treatment of industrial waste, reducing anomalies and lowering operating costs.

The owners


Roee Shifron

Excutive manager

It gives me great satisfaction to receive an old and neglected water treatment plant and bring it into proper maintenance and working condition. There is nothing like the joy of seeing clear and clean treated water after hard work.

As strange as it sounds sometimes, jar tests, treatment processes and creative thinking give me pleasure and satisfaction.

After years of activity in the industry I have already seen it all. I happily pass on my experience and knowledge to our customers.

Erez Headshot2016.jpg

Erez Shifron


The beauty is to find a solution that is good for everyone and this is where I focus my efforts.

If the environment, the authorities, the factory, the workers and society benefit - the solution is good.

It makes me happy every time to see that the company manages to provide good solutions.

We are attentive and open to any idea and way that can improve the solutions we provide.

Contact Us

Amikam Shamai 39 A

 055-9555874 / 04-6829999

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