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Our Services

Full operation by operators, technicians, environmental experts and process experts.

Focus mainly on your occupation.

Let us handle your industrial wastewater. Our team will handle all operational aspects related to a water or industrial wastewater treatment facility.
We will study the facility and prepare an operation plan and a maintenance plan.
As needed, operators, technicians, environmental engineers, process experts and any other professional needed to ensure regular, professional and efficient operations will arrive at the facility. As needed, we will clean tanks, replace and repair pumps, calibrate a measuring electrode and other measuring instruments.
We will perform professional preventive maintenance to prevent repeated failures and reduce disabling failures. Any malfunction will receive an immediate response in the field by our team.
At the end of each month, an operational report will be sent and at the end of each quarter, a detailed report will be sent that includes a summary of the activity, the malfunctions that occurred, the activities that were performed, the insights of the experts and suggestions for improvement and streamlining for the future.
You can rest assured that your wastewater is being treated professionally.

Partial activation by remote control of a water treatment facility and treatment of industrial wastewater

Don't give up on your team and don't give up on professional operation.

We will study the facility and prepare an operation plan and a maintenance plan.
We will monitor the implementation of the preventive maintenance plan and manage the inventory of spare parts and chemicals to ensure the normal operation.
The process and environmental experts monitor the facility
around the clock with the help of connecting to the facility's controllers (PLC) and deploying cameras in the facility. We monitor and provide an immediate response to every malfunction, problem and change. Even when there is no operator on the site, there is still someone who maintains the facility and handles any problem.
The ability to stop and deal with faults in real time is a key to correct and smart operation.

Planning and construction of water treatment facilities and purification of industrial wastewater

Solutions outside the box while making optimal use of what exists in the field.

We will be happy to design and build the best facility for your industrial wastewater. We will adjust the facility according to the characteristics of the wastewater and the plant. We can establish a wide array of facilities: physicochemical, MBR, biological facilities, activated sludge facilities and more.
The construction process begins with the characterization of the needs, the analysis of the wastewater, the performance of jar tests and laboratory tests, the knowledge of the plant and its needs. In the second phase, we will plan the proposed facility from a general plan to detailed planning and a plan for execution. Construction management and strict quality assurance. When the facility is set up and ready to start operations, inspections and defect corrections will be carried out. Even after handing over the facility to the customer, we will continue to meet and answer questions and requests to ensure the success of the project.

Consulting and accompanying the process

Sometimes a probing professional eye will bring great success and huge savings.

Thinking about setting up an industrial wastewater treatment facility?
Have you encountered a problem and have not found a solution in the field of wastewater treatment?
Did you get a quote but you're not sure it's a good one?
Are there exceptions and you can't prevent them?
Want your facility to be more efficient?
We have years of experience in the field in everything related to planning the construction and operation of industrial wastewater treatment facilities. We will be happy to share and use the knowledge and experience to help the struggling factories, which are thinking about setting up a facility

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Sewage and sludge disposal

A complete solution for removing a wide variety of sludge

At attractive prices we remove sludge and sewage of various types in various configurations.

Our solutions are environmentally friendly and have all the approvals required by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the water corporations and the authorities.

If necessary, the waste water will undergo treatment before being transferred to the removal process. The process allows us to significantly reduce landfill costs and thus lower the cost of evacuation.


We want to share our knowledge and experience with your team.

Sometimes it is enough just to improve the training and professionalism of the operating staff.
We will be happy to hold a set of training classes for the facility's operating team and teach starting from theoretical background, biology, chemistry and knowledge of the facility's technology through process studies, cases and reactions to practical training and accompanying operations in the field until reaching a satisfactory professional level.

We will be happy to get to know and detail each of our services

Connecting Dots

Greenfield Eco network

A national network for monitoring and operating industrial wastewater treatment and purification facilities.

The network allows factories of any size to benefit from the service of a professional control center specializing in the treatment of industrial waste, reducing anomalies and lowering operating costs.

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