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Our benefits

Reducing the risk of anomalies and shutdowns

When a pump, valve, pipe, filter or any other component in the wastewater treatment plant does not work as designed, we immediately see it. We can take immediate action to treat or minimize damages. If necessary, we can call the facility's organic staff to help before it's too late.
No factory wants to pay fees, fines or disable a production line. Even pre-malfunction signs will be detected by Greenfield Eco's environmental experts and the risk of fines or restitution can be avoided even before a malfunction has occurred.

Lower operating costs

As Greenfield Eco's control center is under control, there is an option to reduce the number of staff operating the facility.
When the facility is connected to Greenfield Eco, the facility is operated in a professional manner even if the organic operation team of the plant does not specialize in wastewater treatment.
Our environmental experts will monitor the consumption of chemicals and make sure that there is no excess consumption.
Correct operation reduces wear and tear and leads to large savings in operating costs.

Examining the use of chemicals and laboratory experiments.

Someone is watching, monitoring and guarding your facility for you

When we keep an eye on the facility, you can deal with the rest of the issues on your desk with peace of mind. A team of environmental experts observes, monitors and tracks all facility activity and any deviations are recorded and collected in the Greenfield Eco database for analysis by Greenfield Eco environmental engineers.

Fewer expensive maintenance operations

We take care of handling faults while they are still small. As part of the Greenfield Eco service, we build an operational plan and a customized maintenance plan for each facility. We make sure that the maintenance and operation plan is carried out by the factory and warn of deviations. Small faults in the sewage treatment plant are dealt with and major damages are prevented.

increased output

An optimally functioning wastewater treatment plant will provide better performance and increased productivity. It is possible that following the connection of the facility to the control center of Greenfield Eco, it will be possible to operate the facility for fewer hours and get the same output or, alternatively, the facility will be able to treat more wastewater without working more hours.

A monthly report that includes analysis by environmental experts

Once a month, all data from the wastewater treatment plant are analyzed, including controller data (PLC), fault reports and operations carried out from the control center, and a detailed report is produced in which, in addition to detailing the activity, insights from our environmental engineers, updating the operation and maintenance plan, and suggestions for improving and streamlining the wastewater treatment plant are detailed.


environmental protection

When the sewage treatment plant works better and is jointly monitored and operated by environmental experts, the main beneficiary is the environment. Fewer pollutants are discharged into the sewers and into the environment.
Let's work together and give our contribution to the protection of the environment so that we can live in a greener and better world

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